Water management

Deep ploughing

Formation of bunds across the slope

Pond formation at the corner of the  field for water conservation

Tree planting to reduce soil erosion

Land preparation

Repeated summer ploughings for good soil tilth

Green manuring

Cropping pattern

Tobacco – Jowar crop rotation

Maize and Groundnut crops in high fertility soils

Redgram and millets in low fertility soils

Soil fertility development

Pillipesara, Sesbania, indigo and pongamia  green manuring in low fertility soils

Cucumber as green manure crop in high fertility soils

Use of FYM atleast once in two years

Application of concentrated organic cakes

Weather Forecasting

Panchagam, Karthelu

Agricultural implements

Wooden plough




Pest / disease management

Ash of brick kilns

Garlic decoction

Cow dung

Lime water

Copper sulphate solution

Bonafires/ Chimneys

Vadiselu for bird scaring and migration

Grain storage

Jute fibre knitted gunnies